Newborn Gift Set


  • 1 Holding ring Rattle
  • 1 Neem teether (Butterfly)
  • 1 Teething bracelet (Koala)
  • 1 Interlocking Discs
  • 1 Grasping Beads



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  • 1 Holding ring Rattle
  • 1 Neem teether (Butterfly)
  • 1 Teething bracelet (koala)
  • 1 Interlocking Discs
  • 1 Grasping Beads

Age: 3 months+

 Holding ring Rattle

Material: Beechwood frame with sheesham wood rings finished with beeswax

Dimensions: 12*4.5 cm

This Holding Ring Rattle is a classic first sensory toy for your child as it enhances their grasping motor skills and helps them develop hand eye coordination. The rattle gives a sensorial experience to your child because of its smooth texture and the child understands cause and effect when they shake it to make the rattling sound. 

This toy has been crafted out of high-quality Beechwood for frame and Sheesham for rings known for its strength and durability. Utmost care has been taken that this toy has smooth rounded edges and has been coated with beeswax which increases the life of the toy.

This rattle is nontoxic and child safe and has been proudly Made in India.



Neem Teether (Butterfly)

Material: Neem Wood with Beeswax finish

Dimensions:   Butterfly (8.5 cm approx.)

Neem Wood having antibacterial and antifungal properties presents the best option over toxic chemicals and finishes.  These teethers are easy to maintain too which makes them closer to every mother’s heart. Teethers not only soothe the sore gums but also helps babies develop their hand eye coordination and gross motor skills. These are especially made keeping in mind the aesthetics so the baby can easily grasp these with their tiny fingers. Large enough for babies to get their hands and arms around and small enough to be comfortable in the mouth.

These teethers are made of pure neem wood and only beeswax coating which is nontoxic in nature and does not do any harm to babies but increases the life of the teether. Each teether is rounded and sanded smooth to the touch and to the mouth and gums.


Teething Bracelet (Koala)

Material: Neem wood beads and teether toy with pure cotton yarn for the crochet.

Includes: 1 Teething Bracelet

Size: 12 cm approx.

This Teething Bracelet is a great toy for your infants’ early months. As we know babies need to chew a lot and the teether helps in gum relief, jaw development and sensory exploration. The teether has multiple textures and provides stimulation through the shapes and colors. It also encourages early motor skills and hand eye coordination.

The beads in the bracelet are made from neem wood which is known to be antibacterial and antifungal, and the crochet pattern is made from pure cotton yarn. It has been finished with beeswax. There is also a Koala Neem wood teether attached to the bead bracelet to enhance the textural experience.

This product is nontoxic and child safe and all the edges have been rounded keeping in mind the tender hands of the infants.


Interlocking discs

Material: Neem wood.

Dimensions: Each disc is 5 cm.

The interlocking discs are one of the first developmental toys that can be offered to infants from about 3 months onward. This Montessori material is used to help the baby learn to grasp effectively and switch hands back and forth. Shifting objects from hand to hand is essential for the development of the right and left hemispheres of the brain. As the baby grows, it stimulates the development of wrist and hand movement, which in turn encourages the baby to crawl. When on his/her belly, the baby will bat at it to try to get it. As he/she does, the material rolls in a remarkably interesting pattern.

Coordinated hand-to-hand transmission is the basis for subsequent actions such as dressing, eating with cutlery, holding pencils, and crawling.


Grasping beads

Material: Neem wood with Beeswax finish (No harmful chemicals), Cotton String

Dimensions: Beads (25mm each)

Montessori inspired grasping beads can be introduced around 3 months of age. These help infants learn how to grasp and develop hand strength as well as help in hand eye coordination. Beads being made out of Neem wood can work as a great teether also as it is both antibacterial and antifungal

This has 6 safely secured Neem wood beads in a cotton string. The string is soft enough for the little hands and knots are tight enough considering the safety of the baby but we would advise to check it once before giving it to the baby.

These are proudly Made in India.


Care: Wipe with a clean damp cloth and let it air dry. Do not submerge in water or dry in direct sunlight. You can apply food grade oil like flaxseed or coconut oil on it if you want.

Warning: Always check product for any breakage & stop using at first sign of damage. Adult supervision required.

Disclaimer: Product colour may slightly vary due to photographic lighting and your screen settings


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