How are wooden toys made according to kids?


Over the last couple of years, wooden toys are regaining popularity. One of the key factors contributing to their appeal is that they are more environmentally friendly than plastics, which unquestionably have a more negative effect on the environment. But did you ever wonder how are toys made of wood? What benefits do they offer? […]

Five top reasons why parents love wooden toys for their kids

Children happen to touch everything they come across. But now they seem to be more interested in the latest gizmos and gadgets, and the days when our child’s room was filled with a variety of toys are long gone. It’s time to break this cycle and provide your children with better playthings. Even though you […]

Why choose wooden toys for 0-12 months?

wooden toys

When trying to pick what to buy for their children, parents often feel overwhelmed by the variety of toys available. The ideal toy would aid in the development of both mental and physical talents and be secure, inexpensive, and long-lasting. Wooden toys are frequently disregarded, even if plastic toys are plentiful and diverse. They truly […]

Why wooden Toys ?

What kind of toy should we introduce to our children? It is a big question for every parent nowadays given the plethora of toys available in the market. Today we as a parent are very careful in terms of things we are exposing our kids to.  Children see and explore the world around them through […]